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We manage the risks from their inception to their final placement.

The Peña Verde Spirit

“Our logotype references the Popocatépetl volcano and the image is a representation of the values that characterize our corporate performance: strength, power, security and the challenge of permanence. The sky represents the openness, flexibility and outlook of our purposes: to continue growing at a national level and position ourselves on an international stage.

Peña Verde is a solid, trustworthy and secure company to invest in and work for. It has with sufficient flexibility and innovative capacity to face, and capitalize on, the opportunities and challenges that allow us to generate the profits that our shareholders, business partners, employees and customers expect of us”.


“We lead a business portfolio and projects in the area of risk management”

We are making those commitments dealing with the institutionalization of the businesses, taking advantage of synergies, the profitability of economies of scale, the development of our businesses, the balance between creating value for the shareholders and maintaining prudent levels of solvency and liquidity.
We are dedicated to financial and asset risk management, mainly related to accidental or unpredictable events, in order to implement solutions which allow our clients to move forward and face these kind of eventualities.


Our group values constitute a fundamental framework within the group, on which to build and implement the strategy as a basic reference of the brand promise.

We adhere to the ethical rules of Peña Verde Group, fulfilling the commitments we have to our stakeholders, clients, employees, business partners and society as a whole.

We believe in what we do and we look to the future with optimism and confidence.

We view our work as a series of challenges that allow us to measure our scope and expand it.

We are convinced that talent is a result of constantly keeping ourselves up-to-date and competitive, and that expertise results from tenacity, a disciplined approach and the ability to work as a team through good communication.

We foster relationships based on trust, openness and taking into consideration the dignity of (the people with whom we interact) others, which means we recognize and embrace diversity.


“Integrating a diverse, committed business community into its environment, promoting change and being responsible for fulfilling its obligations”

The verb integrate alludes to the proper tasks of a holding company: attracting and connecting. It deals with a never-ending integration of the business environment dynamics and Peña Verde itself.
The word community strengthens the idea of interdependence, interests in common from a spiritual point of view, the sharing of an identity, and the human tone of the organization. This business community is plural and open to diversity, promoting respect and tolerance for differences.
Peña Verde is not only an organization that is open to change but also mindful of the benefits that offers by the progress of technology and the overall transformations of business practices.

Business overview

  • 1945

    Aseguradora de Crédito S.A, the founding company of General de Seguros S.A, starts trading.

  • 1953

    A group of Mexican and Norwegian investors (Storebrand) create Reaseguradora Patria S.A

  • 1959

    Reaseguradora Patria S.A joins the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV)

  • 1971

    Aseguradora de Crédito S.A is acquired by a group of officials and agents from the insurance sector. Mining Exploration Consultants S.A, the founding company of Peña Verde begins trading.

  • 1972

    Aseguradora de Crédito S.A changes its name to General de Seguros S.A.

  • 1978

    Mining Exploration Consultants S.A is renamed Peña Verde S.A.

  • 2003

    General de Salud S.A starts trading.

  • 2006

    Patria, SAB manages the Mexican Atomic Pool (PAM)

  • 2007

    General de Seguros S.A joins the BMV

  • 2012

    Grupo Peña Verde is founded.

  • 2013

    Peña Verde, SA joins the BMV. Reaseguradora Patria, SA exits the BMV. Opening of Patria Re Marketing Services, Ltd (London). Servicios Administrativos Peña Verde, SA de begins trading, focusing on corporate services.

  • 2015

    Opening of Patria Re Servicios S.A. (Santiago de Chile). Organization of a syndicate with a special purpose in Lloyd's (PAT6125).

  • 2016

    Centro de Contacto de Servicios de Salud (CCSS), Medical Telephone Guidance Services launches.

  • 2018

    The Reaseguradora Patria S.A office opens in Miami: Patria Risk Management, Inc.

Group Organisation

International Presence

London Chile Mexico 1 Mexico 2 Mexico 3 Miami

Key Figures



We intend to balance the work force between women and men and promote women at top management levels.



We are the first Mexican Company
with a syndicate at Lloyd's.



Following a geographic diversification strategy, we increased our global participation. In 2019 our portfolio distribution was: Mexico and the Caribbean 54%, Americas 30% and Overseas 16%.

MX $10,263 MILLION


We have strong capital level to support our risks​.

MX $8,213.6


Our Premiums December 2019 We maintain a diversified portfolio among our Lines of Businesses.


Our rating from Fitch

Reflecting our strong capitalization
and favourable business profile.


Peña Verde

An Expansive Vision

Peña Verde

An Expansive Vision

Fitch affirms PV at ‘BBB-‘; Outlook stable.

Peña Verde keeps outlook stable.

Fitch affirms PV at ‘BBB-‘; Outlook stable.

Peña Verde keeps outlook stable.

Appointment at the Orden del Mérito

AMASFAC awarded the Orden del Mérito to Manuel Escobedo, in recognition for his contributions to the Insurance and Bond sector.

Appointment at the Orden del Mérito

AMASFAC awarded the Orden del Mérito to Manuel Escobedo, in recognition for his contributions to the Insurance and Bond sector.

First Half of the year our social strategy report

Our activities during first half of the year.

First Half of the year our social strategy report

Our Pillars: