We are a business community with offices in Mexico, London and Chile, and more than a thousand collaborators. The group’s businesses comprise 100% Mexican capital and are centered around three divisions: insurance, reinsurance and third-party management. We are all guided by one common goal: to be the international reference in our impact areas. More than 65 years of experience sustain our financial and technical expertise, supported by solid work teams with great human qualities.

As for our human capital management, we have developed, and live by, a work culture based on integrity, quality work, customer service, facing challenges, transformation and a passion for our work; we strive for harmony in our personal lives, and treasure the value of human relationships. At Peña Verde, we think about our people as we plan.

The work, your personal development and growth at Peña Verde, will make up some of the best experiences in your personal and professional lives.

Peña Verde Group is recognized as a Great Place to Work in Mexico, in the banking, insurance and finance sector.

Live the experience!

Why Peña Verde ?

We live by the best labor practices in Mexico, and in each country where we have a presence.

We implement social responsibility and wellbeing projects for our collaborators.

We offer mobility and growth among the group’s companies at the national and international levels.

We live by a strong work culture of total respect and transparency.

We offer a competitive value proposal based on equality, and we strive to provide professional development and a life-work balance.

We form work groups with high values, in inclusive communities.

We create high-performance teams.

We receive continuous training and development in all areas of the human sphere, to achieve comprehensive growth.

We focus on constant challenges that allow us to strengthen your talent in the different business units.

We have functional leadership models.

We develop and evaluate our human capital based on competencies.

We create career paths that are driven by personalized development programs.

Our people

Eduardo Xhemalcé

Since I got in Patria Re in 2017 I have had an important professional development.

Treaty Property Regional

José Luis Castro

"I have discovered an institutional vocation for service and support, a vocation for listening to, and for resolving, areas of opportunity "

Sales Management

Jesús Nucamendi

"It is a company that cares about its employees’ wellbeing"

General Management

Joana Santillàn

"Well defined dreams always come true."


Gabriela Becerril

"The corporate facilities are really nice"

Risk Management

Arturo Macedo

"Here I have found professional and personal growth, friends, and even a fantastic wife."

Technical Health Management Area

Miriam Matías

"The company is open to receiving innovative proposals and providing support for their implementation."

Medical Call Center

Diego Ávila

"Peña Verde inspires me to continue learning and growing, both personally and professionally"

Risk Management

Angélica Ibáñez

"It has been a pleasant experience with lots of challenges."

Technical Health Management Area

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